Realising the Joy of Customer Conversations with Hearsay.

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Hearsay is a do-it-yourself customer conversations platform that helps you dive deeply into your customers lives to unpack insights for brand growth in a rigorous and cost effective way. Learn more

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We know the problem


It's more than Big Data


Research is expensive


A lack of conversation tools

How do we know?

Do you know why your customers
act the way they do?

Find out with Hearsay

Why does that matter?


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How does it work?

Define → Recruit → Collaborate → Converse → Analyse

Two conversation methods

Your conversations build a repository of Thick Data insights

It's great because…

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It's cost effective

Costs for conversations with customers are 87% cheaper than outsourcing to a traditional agency.

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Builds internal capability

Rigor is built into the platform, supporting those that are not used to having customer conversations. It's simple to use.

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Agile, transparent projects

Our clients access the platform at any time with multiple projects running. Project teams can include anyone key to the investigation project from employees outside the marketing department to other agency partners.

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Embedded collaboration

It provides your business with a repeatable system of recording, storing, analysing and sharing your thick data insights. This means that your conversation data is not lost or left in a drawer or the knowledge taken when an employee leaves. Hearsay becomes an embedded practice across all your brand and marketing teams.

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True customer intimacy

Finally and most importantly, you are having customer conversations yourselves. Every new conversation delivers deeper and deeper knowledge so you can truly become a customer intimate brand.

The best ways to use Hearsay

What people say

Tessa Whittaker Senior Manager, Consumer & Shopper Insights Carlton & United Breweries
Our people loved talking to real consumers and, after every interview, were excited to feedback learnings to the brand team who owned the project. Being able to record and review afterwards meant the pressure was off to take notes. As a business, we have wanted to get our teams closer to consumers and having the Hearsay Platform with the support of the Hearsay team, made it happen with structure and purpose.
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Listen closer with the Hearsay Customer Conversations Platform

per conversation
per conversation
per conversation
Detail your Problem Statement
Define your Hypotheses
Scheduling and Allocation of Conversations with Team
Receive a Scientifically Designed and editable Conversation Guide
Audio and Video Recording
Full 100% Accurate Transcription
Tag significant Conversation Moments
Capture WOW Moments
After 10 conversations, delivery of a Summary Report
Recruitment and Incentive of Customers

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